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Coronavirus Update

The resort is open and accepting reservations. To address the current situation with the coronavirus, we want to put your mind at ease and advise you of the additional health and safety measures we're taking to keep our guests and employees safe: 

  • All Housekeeping staff service and clean/sanitize guestrooms each day. To ensure guest safety in their personal space, our housekeepers are equipped with gloves and masks. 
  • All "high-touch" areas are now being treated with additional disinfectant/sanitizer on a constant basis (public door handles, tabletops, etc.) 
  • Hand sanitizer is available in the common areas for your use (lobby, restaurants, bars, meeting rooms) 
  • Staff has been trained in preventing the spread of coronavirus and we will continue to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness remain our top priority throughout every facet of our operation.  
  • Any guests presenting symptoms of upper respiratory illness such as cough, fever, cold symptoms, will be asked to self-isolate in their room and will be tested for the virus with local government health officials. 


In addition to the above, we remain available to answer any specific questions you may have. Should you have further questions, please call the resort of email us directly at or call to tel: +506 4080-7200


What You Expect Upon Arrival: 

In the framework of the national state of emergency declaration in the entire territory of the Republic of Costa Rica, Puerto Azul Boutique Resort & Marina has taken preventive sanitary measures provided by the ministry of health for greater prevention and protection of our staff, guests, and their respective families. 

The following sanitary measures are being implemented throughout the resort: 

  1. All our staff responsibly use the PPE (personal protective equipment) assigned to each position.  
  2. An online communication channel will be maintained with most of our suppliers, complying with social distancing. 
  3. From the moment of the reservation, our reservations agents will inform you of the prevention measures that the resort is implementing. 
  4. Upon arrival at the lobby, the established distance signs will indicate where to wait for the check In process. 
  5. Upon arrival at the time of check In, only 1 person per room is required to register.  When placing the resort guest key, they will be placed personalized way according to the receptionist in charge.  
  6. The use of the resort elevator is restricted to 3 people and will be disinfected every time it is used. 
  7. Each department in the resort has its own intensified daily cleaning program. 
  8. In the resort's public areas, protocols for sneezing, coughing, hand washing, and greetings, among other things have been identified to encourage prevention measures. 
  9. Guests will find hand washing stations for greater safety and comfort, as well as hand sanitizer, hand soap and paper towels. 
  10. The hotel has a protocol in place for suspicion of any symptomatology related to a respiratory disease. 
  11. The cleaning staff has been issued PPE for cleaning rooms and common areas of the hotel, guaranteeing the sanitation of those spaces. 
  12. The Reception agents will communicate by telephone with guests to inquire about their health and any sanitation needs they require. 
  13. The laundry staff has increased measures to sanitize and clean linens and towels that will be used during your stay. 
  14. We will be reinforcing the information on the use and schedules of food areas, activities in our hotel in order to regulate the concentration of people in common places. 
  15. The resort will continue an ongoing communication with local government according to their needs for a timely and responsible attention to any and all situations that arise. 


Please rest assured that we are all working hard to ensure your stay is worry-free and enjoyable. 


Kind Regards, 

Sildelau Salcedo Ávila 
General Manager